NSW Liberals failing to spend $847 million on schools and TAFE


In the last three years, the Baird Government has failed to spend $847 million allocated to the Education Portfolio that should have been used to upgrade schools and TAFE colleges and improve the quality of education delivered across NSW.

Every other day you hear the Baird Liberal Government say how tight money is but these figures reveal that it can’t even spend what has been allocated in the first place.
As students and teachers return to school next week for the final term of the year, they have every right to be angry and disappointed in a Liberal Government that is consistently failing to spend the money that has been allocated in the NSW Budget to improve local schools and TAFE colleges.
It is quite obvious with the failure to invest this $847 million in our schools and TAFEs that education is not a priority for the Liberals.
Since being elected, the Liberals have wiped over $1.6 billion from education, sacked over 1,100 TAFE teachers and staff and will massively increase TAFE course fees making it difficult for low and middle income earners to access a quality vocational education.
Nearly 6,000 demountables are been used as makeshift classrooms while the Liberal Government fails to invest this money in upgrading school facilities and providing permanent classrooms for students to use for their learning.
The Baird Government needs to tell the parents of the children who are missing out on access to quality educational facilities why they have failed to invest the money that was budgeted into better schools and TAFEs.

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