NSW Shadow Treasurer, Ryan Park MP, has called on the government to agree to urgent bipartisan action to address the current crisis of the growing wild deer population in the Illawarra.

Mr Park has written to the Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair MLC to request a meeting with a delegation from Wollongong City Council and himself to discuss options for immediate action.

According to Mr Park, deer populations have been allowed to grow in recent months while culling programs were suspended by the Berejiklian Government from December 2017 to June 2018. Mr Park says the problem is out of control and the meagre assistance provided by the Illawarra Wild Deer Management Program is no longer sufficient.

Earlier this year, Mr Park announced a commitment of $800,000 to address rampant wild deer population, by a future Labor Government. Mr Park says the problem is out of control and is calling on the current government to take urgent action to stem the crisis.

Mr Park says the problem requires an immediate bipartisan approach to inject funding for more culling programs by Council and local land services.

Quotes attributable to Member for Keira, Ryan Park:

“Feral deer create havoc in the Illawarra. They damage property and the natural environment, cause collisions on the road and on train lines. It is only a matter of time before there is a serious collision on our roads.”

“The problem of wild deer is out of control and we need urgent bipartisan action to provide an immediate solution.”

“I am calling on the government to agree to a meeting and listen to the experts dealing with the impacts of wild deer every day. We need a commitment from the government to provide urgent funding for more deer culling programs in the Illawarra.”