The long awaited Steel Industry Protection Bill will be introduced into the Legislative Assembly for debate later this week

ryanShadow Treasurer and Shadow Minister for the Illawarra, Ryan Park, will introduce the Bill and the Illawarra Labor MPs, Anna Watson and Paul Scully look forward to the legislation being debated and voted on as soon as possible.

The Steel Industry Protection Bill 2016 was passed by the Legislative Council on Thursday, 25 August 2016 with the support of Labor and all other minor parties. It was opposed by the Government’s Members.

The Bill calls for:

  •  a minimum 90 per cent of Australian-made steel to be used in publicly funded infrastructure across NSW;

  • the appointment of a NSW Steel Industry Advocate to ensure new Australian standards and certification for Australian-made steel use is monitored and complied with, and;

  • the locating the NSW Steel Industry Advocate in the Illawarra

Pressure is now on Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra, Gareth Ward, to vote for the Bill after he publicly supported a change in the Federal Government’s procurement policy late last year, urging the NSW Government to review its own policy.

Comments attributable to Ryan Park MP:

“This Bill, will be scheduled for debate hopefully on Thursday and a vote in the Legislative Assembly as soon as possible.

“If passed, this Bill will ensure that infrastructure projects built across NSW will have 90% of Australian made steel products. This would secure this industry in our country for a very long time.

“Steel is an important industry for our region. Without it, many families will struggle to put food on the table.

Comments attributable to Anna Watson MP:

“I want to see the Legislative Assembly debate and then go to a vote on this Bill as soon as possible.

“There will be many families in the Illawarra that are hoping the Government will listen to their voice on the use of Australian-made steel and support Labor’s Bill.”

Comments attributable to Paul Scully:

“The people of Wollongong – the home of Illawarra-made steel – want this Bill debated in the People’s House and passed.

“This Bill helps secure a sustainable future for steel making in the Illawarra.

“We’re proud of the steel we make at Port Kembla and we want it used in every road, bridge, school and hospital built across the State.”

The Government can no longer shy away from this important Bill. If they vote against this bill they are voting against our region.