Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park has slammed the NSW Government’s decision to sign-off on massive increases for public service senior executives’ salaries while wage growth continues to stagnate at 2.1 percent. Other public sector employees including nurses, teachers and police officers remain capped at a 2.5 percent increase per annum on comparably modest wages.

The NSW Remuneration Tribunals document, dated 29 August 2017, was also conveniently held for release until questioning had concluded for Budget Estimates, leaving it and the Premier free from scrutiny.


The document states the maximum for a Secretary on Band 4 is $535,000 yet six executives are being paid well above their remuneration package. Of more concern, they can also access a discretionary payment of 12 percent on top of their salary.


In Band 3, where the maximum salary for a Deputy Secretary is $463,550, another four executives are enjoying their inflated remuneration. It’s the same for another five above the top tier in Band 2.

Mr Park says it is another example of this wasteful government splashing cash on executives and consultants for their pet projects but refusing to act when it comes to increasing wages or helping first home buyers.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park


“The cost of living’s going up while wages remain flat but the Premier thinks its ok to sign off on huge salary increases for executives which are well above the average income.


“It’s another example of how out of touch this Premier is- when fat cat executives are given priority over families doing it tough each week.