Hard-earning taxpayers have been forced to pay over $30 million dollars for consultants as the Berejiklian Government scrambles to fix its IT bungle.

Consultants were called in for their advice to assist with the Treasury IT project PRIME which was meant to significantly reform the state’s financial management system. But so far, it has only caused headaches for Treasury while fattening the wallets of major consulting firms.


Just last week, details were revealed regarding a $666,930 contract awarded to a major consulting firm to assist with Treasury’s IT project.


These major consulting firms have been paid over $30 million dollars for their advice related to PRIME.


This latest disaster adds to the mess of spending by the NSW Government, including the Fire and Emergency Service Levy blunder which cost taxpayers a whopping $25 million dollars.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park


“This Government just can’t get major reforms done properly. They call it ‘significant’ but we reckon it is just a significant waste of money.


“The Treasurer’s biggest failure so far has been the FESL blunder. He can add the implementation of PRIME to the list.


“This PRIME IT project has just caused more headaches for Treasury and increased the pay packets of wealthy consultants.”