Member for Keira Ryan Park will use the return of state Parliament this week to advocate on behalf of residents from Mount Ousley, who are fed up with persistent noise pollution on Mount Ousley Road.

The Member for Keira fears that the pending closure of Bulli Pass will lead to only greater levels of noise on the already noisy road.

Heavy noise pollution from trucks making the descent has been a persistent bug-bearer for Keira residents for many years. A noise camera was installed under the former Labor Government in 2007 and updated in 2008. Mr Park has today taken aim at the Government’s lack of action on noise-cameras on the busy stretch of road. Despite persistent community outcry, fines are not being issued to noise-offenders.

Mr Park will question the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, the Hon. Duncan Gay MLC this week, asking what work has been done with regards to the noise camera over the past three years.

The Member for Keira believes that it is now of high-importance that the noise complaints are taken seriously by the Liberal Government, with the looming closure of Bulli Pass for two months in October and November. It is believed that the closure of nearby Bulli Pass will redirect many vehicles onto Mount Ousley Road, increasing congestion and noise pollution, severely affecting local residents.

It was in 2013 that Mr Park raised the issue with Minister Gay, who advised that no fines or even warning letters to offending drivers have been issued as a result of the noise camera, affirming that no legislation was in place to enable stronger enforcement on this extremely busy road.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Illawarra Ryan Park:

“For nearly six years now, the Liberal Government has ignored the significant noise-pollution affecting residents of Mount Ousley.

“With Bulli Pass soon to be closed by Mr Baird and his Government, traffic volumes on Mount Ousley are only going to increase. This means that the already high noise levels will be on the up, disturbing the peace of our leafy suburban streets.

“It is high-time that the Minister stopped making noise and actually took some action to look into the noise-camera on Mount Ousley.

“The Government needs to understand that the closure of Bulli Pass will have widespread negative externalities across the Illawarra region. Significantly increased congestion and noise on Mount Ousley is just one of these externalities. Action must be taken.