Applications are now open for Community Building Partnerships



Applications should be for;

  • Construction of new capital works.
  • Refurbishment, repairs and maintenance to existing capital facilities.
  • The purchase of capital equipment with a minimum individual asset value of $2,500 and a life expectancy of 5+ years that enables the delivery of new or enhanced community services.

2016 CBP projects are required to be completed by 31 March 2018. A minimum funding request of $2,500 applies for each application.


  • Incorporated, community based not-for-profit organisations.
  • NSW local councils (and their Section 355 committees) operating under the Local Government Act (1993).

Incorporated not-for-profit bodies are organisations that are registered and approved as not-for-profit bodies by NSW Fair Trading. Generally, this may include;

  • Charities
  • Organisations with DGR status
  • Not-for-profit status
  • Benevolent status
  • Cooperatives
  • Aboriginal Land Councils
  • Religious Organisations
  • Organisations under an Act of Parliament


After the application period has closed, all applications are reviewed for eligibility. Applications are then provided to me as the local MP and I provide recommendations on each of the projects. It is recommended that you contact my office in order to provide a copy of the application or briefing on the project.

An Independent Review Panel will also be established in order for them to carry out an assessment. Assessment of the project is made against the Project Assessment Criteria.