The Baird Government is guilty of making outrageous claims of savings from its red tape reduction program, including one for a failed schools computer program that is forecast to cost the taxpayer more than half a billion dollars.

In its latest list of Red Tape Reduction Targets the Baird Government is forecasting the community will save $11,384,605 from the introduction of the failed Learning Management and Business Reform (LMBR)  schools computer system.

The list claims that the LMBR has already generated these savings for the community by allowing parents of students to make payments online.

But the LMBR is running $95 million over budget, three years late, has been rolled out to only in one in ten schools and has been plagued with a host of problems. To date the estimated cost of the LMBR is at least $578 million, according to the NSW Auditor General.

The same red tape report also makes the outlandish claim that motorists have already saved $68,786,478 and businesses $23,658,655 by extending the time they can get a pink slip done from 42 days to 6 months.

The report also states that Service NSW has generated cost savings of $39,815,775 from pushing more people to transact online.  That claim is questionable in light of a recent finding by the NSW Auditor General who found that savings to government agencies from Service NSW cannot be measured.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park

“Mike Baird has a hide to claim he’s saving the community more than $11 million on a project that’s already blown out by $95 million.

“The LMBR project is a mismanaged blowout of taxpayer dollars for very little gains so for this Government to book savings from it is a complete joke.

“These claims are just absurd. To say he’s saving drivers and businesses more than $100 million because he has extended the time for drivers to get their cars insured is pure fairytale economics.

“It begs the question -  is this Government able to separate fantasy from fact.”