NSW Labor Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness Ryan Park today slammed the Berejiklian Government for failing to act as recent homeless street count figures released by the City of Sydney on the weekend reveal a staggering increase in the amount of people using crisis accommodation.

The figures released reveal that the use of crisis accommodation in the City of Sydney has increased by 16.8% since last year

It is unfortunately no surprise that the number of people seeking crisis accommodation is rising thanks to the NSW Liberal and National Government’s neglect of the most vulnerable in our society.

The system is now at breaking point with many service providers unable to offer help to people when they need it most. This increase in the latest street count numbers stands in stark contrast to the Government’s commitment to halving the number of rough sleepers across NSW by 2025.

NSW Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness Ryan Park said: “It is undeniable that there’s a homelessness crisis in NSW, the amount of people in distress trying to access crisis accommodation is going through the roof and the Government is taking no action.”

“The Liberals and Nationals have presided over the degradation of our social housing system and have abandoned the some of the most vulnerable people in our society despite their election promise to halve homelessness by 2025”

“We have crisis accommodation in Sydney buckling under the pressure to accommodate the number of individuals needing help. NSW needs a serious investment in social housing.”