Shadow Minister for the Illawarra and Member for Keira Ryan Park has again criticised the Berejiklian Government for unnecessarily delaying medicinal cannabis applications from doctors for patients with terminal illnesses and other serious medical conditions.

Mr Park has slammed the current approach by the Berejiklian Government who is giving the impression they support access to medicinal cannabis, but then on the other hand to thwart the applications.


Currently in NSW there are less than 50 patients legally accessing medicinal cannabis while possibly thousands of others are forced into the black market.


Mr Park, a long time supporter of medicinal cannabis has today joined with Michael and Ben Oakley, vocal advocates for medicinal cannabis to call on a fairer process.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for the Illawarra Ryan Park:


“For many years I have publicly stated by support for medicinal cannabis. For there to only be around 50 patients receiving medicinal cannabis by prescription from their doctors means there is a problem in the system.


“These are people who are in excruciating pain and have exhausted all other avenues. Families shouldn’t have to watch their loved ones in pain all because the Government is putting up road block after road block.


Sadly, patients are left suffering simply because NSW Health is making their doctors submit and re-submit applications, resulting in hours and hours of excessive and unnecessary paperwork.


“Patients don’t need to waste time on paperwork. You need to look no further than Ben Oakley to know this works.


“I am proud that the NSW Labor Opposition has long advocated for better access to medicinal cannabis. We pledge that under a Labor Government a more compassionate scheme will be implemented and more patients will have access to this treatment.