Ryan Park MP is demanding answers from the Liberal-National State Government about what else their latest health budget cuts will mean for Shellharbour hospital.


Yesterday the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District was forced to announce the region needs an additional 290 beds to meet the increasing demand.

Also announced yesterday by Health District Chief Executive Margot Mains was that Eloura Acute mental health unit will have fewer beds over the very busy Christmas period.

This announcement comes only weeks after internal government documents obtained by the Labor Opposition show that Treasury is imposing a $252 million budget cut on health across the state this financial year, with the size of the cut set to increase in future years.

Shadow Health Minister Ryan Park MP slammed the cruel funding cuts, and said the cuts were clearly already impacting on local health services at a time when there is increased pressure.

“Thanks to this Government we have seen our local health district forced to scale back operations in the interest of staff and patient’s safety. All this will do is place increased pressure on staff who have now been told vital beds are being closed.

“Gladys Berejiklian looked the people in the eye at March and said they could have it all. Now she and her Treasurer are enforcing savage cuts to the health budget that are set to rise every single year” Mr Park said.