Doreen Gardner

  • I rise today to pay tribute to Doreen Gardner an amazing member of the Keira community who at age 93 spends her time making the uniforms worn by nurses and other staff providing patient care at Wollongong Hospital.
  • Doreen donates many hours of her time making brightly coloured and patterned scrubs which she then donates free of charge.


  • The material is donated by Doreen’s equally generous friend Betty Gallen. Together Doreen and Betty team up to produce and hand deliver the uniforms to grateful hospital staff.


  • Nurses say they love the brightly coloured scrubs which bring smiles to the faces of their patients and other hospital staff.


  • Doreen is an active member of the Keira community with many interests but says sewing is still her favourite activity. Doreen is admired by many leading a completely independent life at age 93.


  • Doreen’s large family describe her as a national treasure, a beautiful soul who is always happy and laughing and bringing sunshine to the lives of many.


  • Doreen I am sincerely grateful you have chosen to give your time and love to our community and I wish you many more years of happiness and independence.