The Minister for Roads has remained silent on the closure of Bulli Pass while residents remain concerned about the impact it will have on their day to day lives.

Member for Keira Ryan Park has submitted a request under Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) surrounding Bulli Pass.

The NSW Government through RMS announced that they would close Bulli Pass for the duration of 2 months to install 1.1 kilometers of fencing.  This closure would happen again for an additional 2 months in 2017. 

Mr Park has voiced his concerns to the Minister for Roads and on the floor of Parliament about the complete closure of Bulli Pass. Mr Park has said he is concerned that the permanent closure is more to do with cost convenience to the Government and RMS, and with little consideration being given to the impact it will have on commuters.

The Shadow Minister has called on the Government to explain why the road cannot be partially closed for morning and afternoon peak times.  Mr Park is still waiting on a response from the Minister and has said the community has a right to all the facts.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Illawarra Ryan Park:

“To announce a 24/7 Road Closure and then request community feedback it not only arrogant it signifies internal mismanagement issues. To date I am yet to receive a response from the Minister and that is simply not good enough.

“Over 10,000 commuters depend on Bulli Pass daily to commute to Sydney and beyond for work. What these thousands of commuters want to be assured is that all possible alternatives have been fully explored. We still do not have those assurances from the Minister.

“RMS has even taken the extraordinary step to direct heavy vehicles on to Lawrence Hargrave Drive. This is madness. It is a narrow and winding road with one lane in either direction. What this road doesn’t need is the potential for hundreds of heavy vehicles to be driving up and down it for two months.

“I will not apologise for advocating on behalf of my constituents. We need answers and the Minister is simply not forthcoming with the details. That is why I have submitted a formal request for information under the Act.