As millions of people brace for another difficult week of lockdown, Shadow Minister for Health Ryan Park has called on the Government to improve community understanding of why the lockdown is needed by making the health advice publicly available.

Mr Park has written to the NSW Health Minister suggesting that this proposal would help inform the community about the nature, impact and consequences that this virus, if allowed to move through the population unchecked could have.

The Shadow Minister said that this advice could be posted daily on the NSW Health website in a form that is understandable to the community and would be general in nature and obviously not make reference to an individual or specific cases so as to ensure the privacy of community members is in no way compromised.

"Transparent, clear and accurate information is vital during a global pandemic.  The community are a lot more reassured when they have a better understanding as to the reasons behind Government decisions that greatly impact on their daily life," Mr Park said.

"These are very difficult times for the community especially those who have lost jobs or had businesses shut down," he said.

"The Government could greatly assist the community get a better understanding of the serious health challenges this strain of the virus poses by making available the expert advice that the Premier and Minister for Health are using to inform their decisions," he said.

"The NSW Opposition will continue to work with the Government in a bipartisan approach in relation to protecting the health of our community at this challenging time and this suggestion is put forward in the spirit of that ongoing cooperation," Mr Park said.