Shadow Minister for the Illawarra has today taken to the floor of Parliament urging the Government to stop the delay, and sign off on a joint funding deal with Wollongong City Council ensuring the Gong Shuttle remains free of charge.

More than six months has lapsed and still, the Berejiklian Government has not signed off on the Gong deal together with the University and Wollongong City Council.   The Member for Keira is very concerned if this has not happened by the end of the financial year the Wollongong community may again be facing the introduction of fares on the existing free service.

The Shadow Minister for the Illawarra has used his time in Parliament to highlight the lapse and is urging the Government to stop sitting on their hands and to get the deal done.


Quotes from Shadow Minister for the Illawarra.


“The Berejiklian Government has had over six months to get this done. The inability to close the deal demonstrates a disorganised Government.

“The Illawarra community deserve certainty to get this delivered.

“The free Gong Shuttle is extremely successful, The Government pledged it would keep it free together with the University and the local Council. It is now time the Government firmed up its end of the deal.

“I stand with the Member for Wollongong Mr Paul Scully MP to ensure the Government understands how important this service is to our community.