Ryan Park, Shadow Minister for the Illawarra last month formally wrote to the Minister for Transport, the Hon Andrew Constance urging him to consider Austinmer Station a permanent stop on the South Coast Line after the trial period has since ended.  Mr Park has indicated this is only part of a permanent solution to help address the increasing issues on the South Coast Train Line.

The Austinmer trial finished in June and by all reports has been considered a success.  Ryan Park together with local residents, commuters and local business’ are calling for the trial to become more permanent but are left waiting while Transport NSW complete an analysis.

With the trial now completed, there is no need to leave commuters in limbo about whether Transport NSW will include Austinmer as a permanent stop on express train services to Sydney or not.  Mr Park understands an analysis of the Austinmer trial is currently underway however, the decision should be a straight forward one.  The stop must stay and be part of more permanent solution to fixing the South Coast Train Services.

Quotes Attributable to the Shadow Minister for the Illawarra; Ryan Park

“Significant changes need to made to the existing timetable, I welcome the introduction of Austinmer being included as a trial stop on the express service to Sydney but much more needs to be done to address problems on the South Coast Train Line.

“The Austinmer trial was a success, it’s no failure, now lets not waste time and money doing an in-depth analysis, stop stalling and make it a permanent stop it’s a no-brainer