Increasing Number of Demountable Classrooms and Government Has No Plans To Replace Them

In figures recently released in a Question on Notice by Member for Keira Ryan Park, the number of demountable classrooms continues to grow and the Government has confirmed they have no plans to replace them.

In 2017 there were 57 demountable classrooms in the Keira electorate, 63 in 2018 and now in 2019 there are 71.

Mr Park said that it was clear the Government had a plan to deal with growing schools by wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars installing demountables in local schools rather than building classrooms.

Demountables are transient by their very nature – Principals, never mind teachers, are often unaware if demountable buildings will be staying in their school from year to year. This naturally leads to demountables being under resourced compared to permanent classrooms.

“Too many children are sitting in second-rate facilities” Mr Park said.

“If our kids are to get the best education we need to provide them with the best possible learning environment, including modern and permanent classrooms.

“Instead of replacing the demountable classrooms in our schools we are seeing more and more being installed. The number continues to grow every year and the Government has said they have no plans to replace them.

“We are going to see kids starting kinder next year and the very real possibility they will go through their entire schooling sitting in demountable classrooms.