An inquiry initiated by the NSW Labor Opposition into the trouble plagued Northern Beaches Hospital has revealed a staggering number of issues with the Berejiklain Liberal Government’s pet health project, which the NSW Liberals dream of applying to every hospital across the state.

It has been revealed that a two tiered health system exists at Northern Beaches Hospital with one standard of care for private patients and a much lower standard of care for public patients. Public patients were denied access to hot meals which were exclusively offered to private patients and Healthscope prioritised private elective surgery lists over emergency surgery lists.

The inquiry also revealed the shocking standards existing in the Northern Beaches Hospital emergency department, where 17 patients were made to wait more than 24 hours before being cared for.

Despite the Government’s commitment that Northern Beaches Hospital would deliver 488 beds, only 350 have been delivered.

NSW Shadow Health Minister Ryan Park said: “Today’s inquiry has shone a light on the Government’s failed privatisation of the Northern Beaches Hospital.”

“Whether it’s 17 patients waiting in the Emergency Department for over 24 hours, failing to have basic policies in place, running out of medical supplies or the extreme pressure junior doctors are under one thing is certain this model of health care is not working anymore.”

“It’s quite clear from the evidence and submissions that the problems are not “teething “ issues as described by the Minister and it’s about time he admits the Government has completely stuffed this project."