Shadow Minister for the South Coast Ryan Park has today written to the Insurance Council of Australia calling on them to make sure insurance companies are assessing claims as soon as possible as residents and small business owners begin the long and arduous task of rebuilding their lives after the devastating bush fires.


Mr Park said he wanted to send a very clear message to insurance companies that the community expect claims to be made in full and in a timely manner to assist people to get back on their feet and for businesses to rebuild and commence trading as soon as possible.

The fires have had a devastating impact on South Coast communities, whether through the tragic loss of life, homes and dwellings destroyed and small businesses missing out on important trade during the peak tourist time.

“Whilst cooler temperatures and even rain in areas will assist firefighters in managing the active fires still biting across the region, many residents and small business owners have now returned to properties and infrastructure that have been destroyed or damaged and need all the help they can get to rebuild their lives and businesses”.

“Everyone needs to now be focused on assisting the communities impacted by this devastating firestorm and that includes insurance companies, by making sure customers are getting their claims assessed as soon as possible and funds released to enable them to begin the task of rebuilding,”.

“As soon as it’s safe to make assessments of the damage caused by the fire I expect insurance companies to have assessors on the ground assisting people with their claims and expediting payments to affected customers”.