Pharmacies across NSW have been continuing to provide the community with the essential medicines and health products needed through the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers in pharmacies continue to come to work and serve the community in spite of the risks associated with COVID-19.

Pharmacies are experiencing unprecedented demand and need the staff, support and resources to meet the needs of the community.


In light of these circumstances, NSW Labor is calling for a Community Pharmacy Support Package to help pharmacies across our state operate in a safe environment and continue to provide the essential services that people need.


As part of a Community Pharmacy Support Package, the Government must:


1.     Coordinate the hiring of additional retail, cleaning and delivery staff

2.     Support recruitment of extra pharmacists including recently retired pharmacists 

3.     Ensure additional Personal Protective Equipment including masks and gloves for pharmacists and staff  

4.     Redeploy Government security from non-essential offices to 24/7 pharmacies

5.     Partner with the Commonwealth to ensure ongoing supply of critical drugs and incentives for home delivery


NSW Shadow Health Minister Ryan Park said: “People need to be able to easily get the medicines and other health essentials they need during this pandemic.”


“Labor’s package will allow pharmacies to provide the essential services the public needs around the clock while keeping workers in those pharmacies safe.”


“There’s no point in allowing 24/7 opening of pharmacies if they don’t have the people and resources to keep stores open safely.”