The independent costings umpire has shown that Daley Labor will invest more into programs that help farmers, while increasing surpluses, because Labor won’t splurge $2.2 billion on Sydney stadiums.

The independent costings umpire, known as the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), released its analysis yesterday, which also shows the Nationals will borrow $7.3 billion in debt.

“When were the Nationals planning to tell regional NSW about their debt-fuelled stadiums splurge? The curtain has been pulled and ‘Pork-Barilaro’ is really ‘Porky-pies Barilaro’,” Shadow Treasurer, Ryan Park, said.

Labor’s positive policies for the bush include:

  •  Extending the Wild Dog Fence - fully funded and costed by the PBO
  •  Topping up the Farm Innovation Fund with another $350 million and maintaining current funding levels of direct drought assistance – already in the Budget
  •  Doubling funding for Landcare to $32.5 million - fully funded and costed by the PBO
  •  Providing an additional $11.25 million for frontline biosecurity - fully funded and costed by the PBO
  •  Waiving Local Land Services’ charges for all farmers - already in the Budget
  •  Waiving rents for 1,700 western lands leaseholders - already in the Budget
  •  Providing an additional $1 billion for a Safe Water Safe Future fund to improve water security and quality in regional communities - fully funded and costed by the PBO
  •  Appointing a Dairy and Fresh Food Advocate to stop price-gouging farmers and primary producers - fully funded and costed by the PBO
  •  Funding a new drought mental health package - fully funded and costed by the PBO

Many of these programs fall into Labor’s $345 ‘Community Catch Up Fund’ which will lift funding towards regional NSW.

The PBO has not listed any cuts by Labor to programs in regional NSW – showing that Labor has always been upfront about their policies.

“The PBO has shown no hidden surprises from Labor. We say what we do and do what we say. We were upfront about our plan to pay for more nurses with a modest increase to luxury car duty. And we have always been upfront with our plans to stop the Sydney stadiums splurge.”

In contrast to Labor, is has been revealed in the PBO statements that the Nationals will borrow $7.3 billion in debt:

Source: p.11 of PBO’s Budget Impact Statement on Coalition election promises

In an attempt to distract from this debt-fueled stadiums splurge, John Barilaro has made multiple claims about Labor’s policies that are factually incorrect.

“Porky-pie Barilaro is desperately trying to save his bacon.”