A job creation scheme set up by the Liberal government in 2015 has hit just one per cent of its target at the mid-way point through the program, a Labor Opposition freedom of information request has found.

Government documents show that the $190 million Jobs for NSW scheme is falling drastically short of its forecasts.

In 2015 the government committed over four years that the Jobs for NSW will “drive the creation of 150,000 jobs”.

Only 1,058 jobs have been created as at June 2017, according to the scheme’s documents released to Labor.

In the last financial year Jobs for NSW cost $33.9 million but only 413 new jobs were created – which equates to $80,000 per job.

A Labor Question on Notice also reveals that last year the organisation spent a third of its budget - $10.2 million – on staff salaries, consultants and contractors.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park

“This is the reality behind this government’s incessant crowing about jobs. Millions of taxpayer dollars has been funnelled into a white elephant of an agency that has abjectly failed to hit any of its targets.

“The Premier and her Treasurer need to can this scheme, go back to the drawing board and come back with a plan that actually works because any businessperson will tell you that on the current trajectory this is a terrible return on investment for the state.

“The Premier prides herself on being a high achiever but this is another completely mismanaged scheme by the Liberal government.

“More than halfway through the life of the scheme and only 1,000 jobs have been created – that’s less than one per cent!”