NSW residents are being urged to check if they are eligible to claim some of the $165 million that is sitting in NSW Government coffers as unclaimed money.


Recently released data from the Office of State Revenue (OSR) has revealed that $165, 332, 900 is sitting in Government bank accounts with its rightful owners oblivious to its existence.


This huge amount of money has remained a secret to many taxpayers with the Government failing to let taxpayers know they may be entitled to some of the money.


The funds originate from a variety of sources including:


  • Unclaimed superannuation;
  • Dividend cheques;
  • Refunds from state agencies; and
  • Cheques from businesses that were never presented to a bank


NSW Taxpayers can check whether any of this money belongs to them by simply going to the Office of State Revenue website at


Quotes attributable to the Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park:


“The NSW Government is rolling in taxpayers money off the back of a booming housing market but they have done little to alert the community that millions of dollars of their money is sitting in Government coffers.


“I want this money back into the taxpayer’s pocket where it rightly belongs.


“There are more than 412,000 different items ready to be claimed so I urge the community to get online and see if any of this money belongs to them.”