Ryan Park, Shadow Minister for the Illawarra is urging the Government to prioritise funding for Mt Keira and follow Labor’s lead and match the $5 million commitment to upgrade facilities at the Mt Keira summit park.

The underutilised summit park at Mt Keira will receive a much needed overhaul with Labor committing to funds to revitalise signage, walking tracks, aboriginal education and the enhancement of the café / restaurant.


With Wollongong now on the map and capitilising on the booming cruise ship industry, Mr Park claims the iconic tourist destination is far from reaching its full potential. The Shadow Minister is calling on the NSW Government to match Labors commitment and put Mt Keira on the tourism map.


Tourists have been unable to complete the Mt Keira ring track for some time due to part of the loop being closed *


Quotes attributable to Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park:


We have a rainforest on the Sydney’s doorstep, a cruise ship industry that is booming and underutilised summit park at Mount Keira.


“We had over 2000 tourist explore our city on the weekend, Destination Wollongong have done a fantastic job in co-ordinating and organising these tourists. What I want to see is the beautiful summit of Mt Keira to reach its world class potential.


“It is very frustrating; the potential of Mt Keira is massive. We have an opportunity to create a world class tourist destination.  I am calling on the Liberal Government to match our commitment and fund Mt Keira.


“The café container is welcomed however so much more needs to be done to make this a world class destination. The walking trails need to be clearly marked and upgraded. The opportunity to provide aboriginal heritage educational opportunities must be explored. The potential for mountain bike tracks, the list goes on.




  It's not possible to complete the full loop of this walking track because some sections are closed:

  • The northern section of this track is closed between Mount Pleasant track up to the stairs leading to Queen Elizabeth Drive.
  • All areas of the park between Mount Keira Ring track to Mount Keira summit are closed, (except for Dave Walsh track and the rock-climbing area on the western face of Mount Keira).
  • For your own safety, please don't enter the track if signage on the ground indicates that it's closed.