The much awaited new carriages for the South Coast Line are now going to be late thanks to the Government not delivering the carriages as previously announced.

The first of the trains, which the Government have had made offshore in South Korea, where due to arrive by ship in March however that is now looking more likely for November or December.

To add insult, the maintenance facility for the trains is also running late thanks to the Government changing their minds on the design. Only around a third of the facility is currently built.

Commuters on the South Coast Line will be disappointed by the news that they will be forced into crammed carriages for many months yet.

The new carriages were expected to be running on the Blue Mountains line by mid-2020, followed by Lithgow and then four months later on the South Coast Line. This timeline is now not looking likely.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for the Illawarra and South Coast Ryan Park:

“Another major project and another time blowout. The Government is late in delivering the light rail and now they are late in delivering additional carriages. 

“Not a week goes by that I am not contacted by local train commuters who are complaining about four carriage trains and the need for all services to be eight. The Government has told us to be patient that new carriages were on the way.

“Now we find out these carriages are a long way off and locals are going to be squashed in like sardines and forced to sit on stairwells or on the floor.

“These are often seniors or parents with young children who are facing their entire journey standing. This is simply unacceptable and another example of this Government failing to properly manage large projects”.