As a long time vocal advocate for the redevelopment of Mt Keira Summit Park, Member for Keira Ryan Park has again advocated in the NSW Parliament for urgent action to upgrade this iconic precinct.

In a speech delivered in NSW Parliament yesterday, Mr Park said he wanted to see the bipartisan approach continue to ensure that the majority of residents who want to see sensible, sustainable development and enhancement of the area get to see it return to a place that all of us can be proud to show off to our friends and family across the globe.

Mr Park said that the tourism precinct at Mt Keira had been ‘largely neglected’ and indicated that things had gotten worse ‘from bureaucracies pointing the finger at each other rather than working together to get things done’.

“It is important that this be done in a bipartisan way because currently the Illawarra is facing some very strong economic headwinds. We are facing some difficult times in employment, particularly in our major industries. That is why tourism, and the great economic activity it can bring by supporting jobs, is critical. The Mount Keira precinct is about exactly that” Mr Park said.

“The first stage is to make sure that those pursuing recreational pursuits such as mountain biking can access this area. These types of activities will bring people to the area and that is great for business and great for our local economy,” he said.

“I will continue to advocate to the State Government and Local Council that this area needs to be prioritised for tourism funding and enhancement,” he said.

“I am encouraged to date by the positive approach agencies such as the National Parks and Wildlife is showing to make this a reality and it is something that I know the community expects needs to continue,” Mr Park said.