Sharon Bird and Ryan Park today welcomed the delivery of Telstra’s new mobile phone tower on Picton Road.

Following lobbying from frustrated local constituents and the community, Sharon Bird and Ryan Park last year called for mobile phone services to be improved on the Picton Road. 


The Picton Road is notorious for car accidents and, to date, mobile phone reception has been unreliable.


Telstra has listened to the community and today officially switched on the new state of the art mobile technology.


Telstra has advised that 4GX mobile coverage will now be delivered to much of the 30 kilometre stretch of Picton Road.


Sharon Bird and Ryan Park thanked local constituents, particularly Hayette Hannah for telling her story last August, and the community for their campaign to improve mobile phone services along one of the main routes into our city.


Comments attributable to Hon Sharon Bird MP:


Federal MP Sharon Bird said: “Picton Road is an extremely busy main route into Wollongong and it is important that road users have access to reliable coverage for safety reasons.


“People who commute to South-west Sydney often experience frustration with call fails and blackspots and this can affect their ability to stay connected to work and keep in touch with family during their commutes.


“I would like to thank Telstra for listening to our community and taking action to improve reception on the Picton Road. 


Comments attributable to Ryan Park MP:


“Thousands of locals travel along Picton Road each day. Ensuring the telecommunications was up to an acceptable standard was something Sharon and I vowed to fight for”


“Having met with locals who have been in accidents and one lady who had lost her sister on Picton Road, fixing the mobile black spots has been a priority for both me and Sharon”


“If you are in an accident or break down you need to know you can call for help and now this will be the case.”