The M1 Princes Highway Motorway Mount Ousley Interchange is now currently being investigated with planning undertaken for noise, biodiversity surveys and geotechnical studies.

The Shadow Minister for the Illawarra Ryan Park is demanding the Government invest and prioritise noise solutions and abatement measures during the concept design and environmental impact assessment.  This is an opportunity to address an existing problem and implement real solutions and must not be ignored.

Noise on Mount Ousley is a common complaint with residents and was again raised as a concern by individuals during the most recent community consultation regarding the Mount Ousley Interchange.  The Member for Keira is calling on the Government to ensure residents are protected from future noise associated with the M1 Princes Highway Motorway Interchange and that every noise reducing strategy is considered in the next planning phase.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for the Illawarra, Ryan Park MP

 “Noise continues to be a major concern for individuals residing near Mount Ousley Road, I am requesting the Government ensure the planning and funding for noise reduction is given focus and priority.

“Not only will residents endure noise with the eventual construction of Mount Ousley Interchange, they could experience an increase of noise associated with heavy vehicles using the Interchange.  It is imperative the Government implement effective strategies to reduce noise.

“This is a vital peace of infrastructure for our community and necessary as our regions continues to grow.  I am calling on the Government to invest in noise reduction strategies and also to provide the community with every opportunity to have their say.

“What I don’t want is noise to be merely monitored during the environmental impact assessment.  This is not another box to tick, I want real solutions and real investment to protect residents from future noise associated with the Mount Ousley Interchange.


“This is an opportunity to address and already existing problem and to explore some real solutions when it comes to increasing noise on Mount Ousley.