Shadow Minister for Health and Member for Keira has today demanded the NSW Government come clean and inform the community when the new Bulli Hospital will be up and running given that it is close to 12 months late and the Minister still can’t answer when the community will be able to use the new facility.

Mr Park said the project should have been completed last year  but like so many other NSW Government projects it is late and the community are seek and tired of waiting for the new facility to be available, something they had to fight incredibly hard for in the first place to save.


The latest answer to a Question on Notice that Mr Park asked in the NSW Parliament once again raised more questions than answers:

‘Construction of the new Bulli Hospital and Aged Care Centre is complete.

‘I am advised the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District is finalising its plans to commence operations from the new hospital.


“The original Bulli Hospital was built off the back of funds raised by working families across the northern suburbs and the Government needs to pay respect to the community and give a simple answer as to when this service will be operational” Mr Park said.


“It is simply appalling that the Minister can’t provide a simple answer to a simple question one that he has ignored many times over. The community should already be using this new facility but the Government’s mismanagement of the project has once again meant that its local residents who miss out” he said.


“I am not interested in when the Minister will come down to do the ribbon cutting, I want to know when the community I represent will be able to be treated in this facility and we can begin to get improvements to health care in the northern suburbs” Mr Park said.