NSW must be placed in full lockdown to deal with the COVID-19 emergency.

People must go home and stay home.

This is the only chance we have to beat the virus. We cannot save jobs unless we stop the virus.

Unless NSW follows the New Zealand example of preventing every possibility of the virus spreading further, countless unnecessary deaths will be the result.

“Today the number of cases in NSW surged past 1000, and we have the first infection in an infant. We are losing control of COVID-19 and if we don’t lock down NSW the current spike will turn into a full-blown explosion,” NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay said. “We must act now, do it right and do it once. Otherwise we are facing a disaster.”

By the end of this week the Premier must enact provisions to ensure people leave their homes only to access essential services such as food and healthcare. All other shops and non-essential services must close, including non-essential retail, workplaces, and schools.

“After last night’s National Cabinet meeting, the entire community was desperately hoping for decisive action and clarity from the Prime Minister and Premier,” Ms McKay said.

“Sadly, all we got was more confusion and mixed messages. This absolutely cannot continue. The risk to people’s lives if we do not take decisive action – like we are seeing in so many countries around the world – is simply unacceptable.

NSW Shadow Minister for Health Ryan Park said: “There is no more time to waste. NSW must implement a comprehensive lockdown that gives people clarity, and trust that this government is taking appropriate actions to protect the community from the threat of this virus.

“This is not an easy choice socially or economically but it’s the right choice. We must save lives first. There must be no ambiguity and no qualifications, we must close everything except the essentials.”