Shadow Minister for the Illawarra, Ryan Park and Member for Wollongong Paul Scully say they are not surprised by revelations that monthly passenger demand on the South Coast Rail Line has increased by around 15% in just one year.

Opal figures revealed today confirm what the MP’s have been saying for some time; demand is up and trains are increasingly over crowded.

The latest figures show a surge in passenger demand of around half a million Opal trips a year since July 2016 on the South Coast Rail Line.

Mr Park says this data builds on the real life reports he receives daily from Illawarra commuters and is further evidence that the Government has been caught unprepared for the current growth phase in the use of Sydney’s public transport system.

Mr Park and Mr Scully are taking a stand on the issue of overcrowding, stating there is now hard evidence to support a critical need to increase carriages on the South Coast Line, especially for the over-crowded 3:24pm and 3:54pm services from Central.

The Opal figures show the surge in demand is repeated across the Sydney rail network highlighting a system that is increasingly under pressure.  According to Mr Park this data brings in to question the ability of the Government to adequately address the needs of Sydney commuters.



Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for the Illawarra, Ryan Park MP

“I have long advocated for increased carriages and improved rail services on the South Coast Rail Line. This data provides the hard evidence to support my repeated claims that the Government is failing to adequately address the problems faced by Illawarra commuters every day.”

“The Government might be surprised, but we are not, Illawarra commuters have long reported the increase in demand and the impact it has on their daily travel.”

 “It’s time the Coalition Government took stopped treating Illawarra commuters as second-class”.

 “The South Coast Line is vital infrastructure, linking the Illawarra to Sydney, and is used daily by thousands of commuters. I am disappointed the Government still refuses to take us seriously.”