Shadow Minister for the Illawarra has once again demanded the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District urgently gets prioritised for additional vaccines as we see record case numbers across the region.

With 53 new cases reported in the Illawarra Shoalhaven and the peak expected to come in the next few weeks the Wollongong Vaccination Hub and other outlets now need to be prioritised for an increase in vaccines. 


At the moment we have a lower vaccination level when compared to the other areas across the Greater Sydney LGAs and with many of our residents needing to access west and south west Sydney for essential work it’s critical that supply be increased.


“We are at a tipping point. 53 cases can quickly turn into hundreds with the Delta variant and we simply cannot afford that to happen,” Mr Park said.


“Our vaccination hub can be doing around 2500 vaccinations every day at the moment it’s sitting at less than 1000, that needs to change and change quick,” he said.


“Millions of dollars have been spent setting up and leasing the space for the vaccination hub yet at the moment it’s running at less than half its capacity, that can’t continue given the situation we are in,” he said.


“My colleagues and I will be raising this again with both the Health Minister and Deputy Premier and calling on them to direct more vaccines to the region,” Mr Park said.