Ryan Park Shadow Minister for the Illawarra is urging the Minister to consider safety and overcrowding on the South Coast Train Line now.  Commuters should not have to wait until the new fleet role out, due for 2019 for any changes to their travel comfort or safety.

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance is quoted in the Illawarra Mercury Tuesday 3 July “Over the next few years you will start to see a better run into town but we’re yet to determine the final timetable changes”.

Mr Park is insistent the Minister must consider the safety of the Illawarra and make changes to the timetable as a matter of urgency that will include additional carriages especially for the afternoon peak network from central.

The Member for Keira has corresponded with the Minister for Transport on the issue of overcrowding on a regular basis, to no avail.

 Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for the Illawarra Ryan Park

“Overcrowding continues to be a major issue on the South Coast Line and the Minister needs to consider timetable changes now to improve the services for commuters

“With the Minister Spruiking a better run into town over the next few years, I think it is only reasonable and fair that he addresses the overcrowding and safety issue now.

“Illawarra commuters should not have to wait for a new intercity fleet in 2019 for changes to their journey; the Minister must make considerable changes to the timetable now.

"The Minister needs to ensure there is suitable rolling stock available for Illawarra commuters have a seat and address the overcrowding issue.