Shadow Minister for the Illawarra, Ryan Park is urging the Government to install Point to Point speed cameras on Appin Road to monitor heavy vehicles and reduce their speed.

Appin Road remains one of the main commuter corridors for individuals in the Illawarra and those residing in the South Western region of Sydney, Campbelltown.  The Shadow Minister remains concerned for driver safety with speed a major concern.

Appin Road recently experienced another tragic accident of life and the Shadow Minister is attributing speed as a major concern for drivers on the road.  With significant surface up-grades and the introduction of point to point cameras on Picton Road Mr Park is concerned these improvements have created an increased number of heavy vehicles choosing Appin Road as an alternative route.

The Government has committed to a program of works for Appin Road, however the expected dated of completion is not for the middle of 2017.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Ryan Park:

“I am urging the Government to install point-to-point cameras on Appin Road as a matter of urgency,” Mr Park said.

“We have experienced an increase of vehicles choosing Appin Road as an alternative route to Picton Road.  This has simply increased the safety risk to commuters on Appin Road,” Mr Park said.

“Whilst I welcome the Governments investment to upgrade and widen parts of Appin Road, we will not see results until the middle of 2017.  We need to act now and implement strategies to reduce and monitor speed immediately,” The Shadow Minister, Ryan Park said.

“I do not want another family to experience the tragic lose of a loved one due to a tragic accident on Appin Road, We have a responsibility to do everything we can to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers,” Mr Park said.