Shadow Minister for the Illawarra and Member for Keira Ryan Park has today expressed frustration at the time it takes for the NSW Government to rebuild social housing dwellings after they acquire older properties and has written to the Minister seeking a detailed explanation and timeline.

Mr Park said given the waiting list for social housing continues to rise, it is simply unacceptable that older homes are purchased and families are required to move out only to see the properties sit derelict for years on end before they are redeveloped.

Given the Premier said on day 1 of taking up the new role that housing affordability and ensuring people had stable accommodation would be her main priority it is time more urgency is given to ensuring the rhetoric is backed up by action.

In addition Mr Park has today written to the NSW Planning Minister seeking for Wollongong Council to be included in the Affordable Housing Policy that is now restricted to Sydney based communities.

He will also be convening a meeting with Council, the Housing Trust, NSW Property Council Illawarra about what impediments exist at a state Government level to increase the construction of affordable and social housing.

Quotes from Shadow Minister for the Illawarra.

This is an issue that requires leaders across Government, housing providers and industry to work together to address the growing number of people who rely on social and affordable housing to keep a roof over their head.

We can’t have a situation where people are moved out of social housing and then properties sit vacant for years whilst we have an ever increasing waiting list of people struggling to get help.

Property prices have sorted in this region and we are all aware that we have challenges with employment particularly for young people and that has increased the pressure on many people who are struggling to find permanent accommodation.

In addition I want to know what the NSW Government can be doing better from a regulatory perspective to try and increase the amount of social and affordable housing we have in the region.