Shadow Minister for the Illawarra has slammed Senator Pauline Hanson who voiced anti-vaccination views when she appeared on the ABC’s ‘Insiders’ program on Sunday night.

The Senator questioned the effectiveness of vaccinations and said parents should be allowed to have their children tested before booking vaccinations. She then went on to liken the government’s No Jab, No Pay policy to blackmail and the actions of a “dictatorship”.

A number of Public health experts have responded with condemnation against One Nation Leader including the Australian Medical Association who reacted via Twitter.

“The AMA and doctors everywhere are happy to report that vaccines save lives, control, and eradicate disease,” the organisation said.

“Immunisation programs have achieved such great success, some people have become complacent. The stakes are too high for complacency.”


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Illawarra Ryan Park:

“These comments are nothing short of negligible and another example of Pauline speaking without being adequately informed.

“Like many of the things Pauline Hanson says, her comments on ‘Insiders’ need to be treated with the contempt they deserve and simply ignored.

“We have seen the eradication of many diseases thanks to vaccines, yet we still have these irresponsible anti vax positions being lauded around the place.  Quite frankly they are placing children’s lives at risk unnecessarily.

“There is no reasonable argument against vaccination. We need to do everything to strongly encourage families to get the best protection for their children through vaccination.

“The evidence is clear and simple, vaccines save lives.