Shadow Minister for the Illawarra has today slammed the NSW Government about its lack of regular maintenance of the very important emergency safety ramp/bed on Bulli Pass designed to stop runaway heavy vehicles should they experience problems on the steep descent.

Bulli Pass is used by around 10,000 vehicles every day, many of them are heavy vehicles and with the expansion of south west Sydney this will only increase.

Despite raising this issue previously and the Government committing to undertake regular checks to ensure it is clearly visible, the grass and other rubbish is removed and the sand replaced, this simply hasn’t happened.

Quotes by Shadow Minister for the Illawarra Ryan Park:


I am really angry and I am sure the thousands of commuters and heavy vehicle drivers who rely on Bulli Pass to get to and from the region every day will also be disappointed that we have a Liberal Government who doesn’t see to give a damn when it comes to ensuring this steep and trick road has the appropriate safety measures in place. 

We know that there are countless heavy vehicles travelling on this road every day and we need to ensure that the safety ramp is properly maintained. It simply can’t remain in the condition it currently is in.

If a vehicle is forced to make an emergency stop due to mechanical failure who know what they are driving into?

Bulli Pass is already a challenging road to come down, and heavy vehicles put enormous strain on their rigs to navigate this road. I want to make sure that for once and for all, this key road corridor gets the essential road safety maintenance works that the community expects.