I welcome the urgent review into child neglect cases that has come about after I raised the shocking case involving three children living in squalid conditions in the Illawarra on the floor NSW Parliament this week.

In the correspondence I sent to the Minister I made it clear that the sentence options currently available did not match the serious nature of the offence and that vulnerable children need to be the priority when considering tougher penalties on those parents and guardians who continually and dangerously neglect their children’s welfare and safety.

I thank the NSW Government for responding to my request to have the legislation reviewed and I am looking forward to discussing this with the Minister next week when Parliament resumes.

The protection of children needs to be given the utmost importance by legislators and a very clear signal needs to be sent to those perpetrators of child neglect that treating innocent children in this way will not be tolerated and the penalties imposed will reflect the seriousness of the offence.