Last week the Queensland Government passed legislation decriminalising abortion. The time is long overdue for NSW to follow suit.

We remain the only State that has this outdated law still in place. We need to listen to the overwhelming calls for legislative reform here in NSW.


I want to make it clear to the community I represent that I will support legislation that is brought before the Parliament to decriminalise abortion in NSW.


I believe that women have the right to choice on this matter and they should do so without feeling like a criminal. Abortion is the only criminalised listed medical procedure in Australia thanks to an outdated piece of legislation.


If the current Government won’t act then an incoming Labor Government will. We will ask the NSW Law Reform Commission to examine this area of the law and to present recommendations to the Parliament.


Earlier this year I was proud to support ‘safe access zones’ around abortion clinics but more needs to be done.


All Labor Party MP’s will be granted a conscience vote in relation to abortion legislation. I will be strongly supporting voting to decriminalise abortion in NSW.