As one of the sponsors for this Bill I am delighted to see this historic legislation pass its final hurdle today in the Legislative Assembly that will ensure the decriminalisation of abortion in NSW.

I have long supported such legislation and I am very pleased for the many women who I have met or who have contacted me and shared their personal stories so that going forward NSW legislation will treat this issue how it should be as a health and medical one not as part of the Crimes Act.


I respect that there are those in the Parliament and in my own community who do not agree with the stance I have taken on this issue and I sincerely thank them for making their view known to me on what has been a very challenging piece of legislation.

I have always had a very strong held belief that it was not his role nor the role of Government to interfere with women choosing to seek out options for medically appropriate treatment.

The bill will allow terminations on request for women who are up to 22 weeks pregnant if performed by a registered doctor. For women who are more than 22 weeks pregnant, terminations will be lawful if two doctors consider that the procedure should be performed after considering all of the relevant medical circumstances.

It is not my place to deny any woman her reproductive rights.

Before this historic legislation passed NSW was the only state or territory in Australia not to have modernised our laws in relation to termination of pregnancy.

I am proud to be able to support this important piece of legislation and I want to personally thank the many people who over many decades have advocated for this change.