The Baird Government is choosing to spend $200,000 of NSW taxpayers’ money on a flash new website for NSW Treasury instead of addressing the overcrowding crisis in the state’s schools.

An announcement on the Government’s e-Tendering website reports that the Government has paid $193,864 to advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather for a redesigned website for NSW Treasury. The tender can be seen here.

The Government has failed to transfer its carefree attitude to spending to fix the overcrowding and maintenance crisis in NSW schools.

A recent freedom of information request by the NSW Opposition showed that a third of NSW schools are either at 100 per cent capacity or above. More information about the overcrowding crisis can be read here.

On top of the overcrowded classrooms, the bill for maintenance of NSW schools has climbed to $732 million with many schools left with broken windows and tattered carpet.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park

“Classrooms in NSW schools are bursting at the seams yet the Baird Government thinks $200,000 on a flash new website for NSW Treasury is a spending priority.

“The Government is happy to spend up big telling people how good they are but refuse to open the purse strings to pay for the schools the state desperately needs.

“At a time when everyone else is asked to tighten their belt only Mike Baird and his Government would think that this is an effective use of taxpayer’s money.

“Taxpayers expect their money to be spent on essential services, not on a fancy website for a Government department.”