Shadow NSW Treasurer Ryan Park said we need to be wary of how the Berejiklian government

interprets the detail on the Productivity Commission’s report into the GST.

The Berejiklian government continues to be the highest taxing state government in Australia, and in

the nation’s history. And will be tempted to use a small promised increase to the state’s GST share

in the future as an excuse to hike taxes across the board.


Mr. Park said the omens are already clear – the Liberal Prime Minister is cutting schools and

hospitals to pay for his $17bn tax cut for the banks. Ms Berejiklian has history – everywhere he

goes, she goes.


It is not a huge ideological jump for her. She already thinks it’s normal to waste billions of dollars on

sports stadiums while starving schools and hospitals of funds.


Every time the Liberals have tinkered with the GST formula they’ve found another way to impose or

increase other taxes – to cover any promised increase.


In a state where ordinary families are punished every day by higher electricity prices, stagnant

wages and road tolls that is the last thing we want.


Ms Berejiklian needs to make it clear and give NSW a guarantee – she won’t use a promised small

increase years down the track as an excuse to push up taxes even more. NSW has had enough.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park

“NSW families need a guarantee from MS Berejiklian that she won’t do as she has always done – use any

increase in GST payments to the State as an excuse to drive up taxes elsewhere.’


‘We’ve all learned not to trust the Liberals on the GST. Every time they tinker with it, ordinary people pay more.’


‘The detail is crucial. We’ll examine the Productivity Report in detail – and then see how much the Liberals

depart from it in their obsession with cutting funds to schools and hospitals, and pushing up taxes and

tolls across the board.”