Vale Gough Whitlam

21 October 2014

Gough Whitlam will forever be remembered as the architect of Modern Australia – he was a true leader whose policies shaped the nation as we know it.


Mr Whitlam’s three years in Government were marked by truly remarkable social, economic and political changes. Mr Whitlam’s legacy of ending conscriptions, establishing our relations with China, creating universal healthcare and making tertiary education available for more young people have rightly lived on over the generations.

The reforms of the Whitlam Government are all things that we take for granted today, but things that would have been unheard of during Mr Whitlam’s youth. People today still benefit from Mr Whitlam’s remarkable leadership and vision during an extraordinary time in Australian History.

Australia has lost an inspiration, and Labor has lost a hero of our movement. May he rest in peace.

My thoughts are with Mr Whitlam’s children, Antony, Nicholas, Stephen and Catherine, along with his extended family, friends and former colleagues.