Woonona East Public School

Mr RYAN PARK (Keira)—Woonona East Public school year six environment team recently invited me to visit their school to discuss the important issues of waste management, concerns for the environment and the need to reduce plastics in our community.

These passionate, educated, well researched young students named Maya, Hayley, Caitlyn and Sophie are the future of our State and give me so much hope for change.

The topic of environment is something I am contacted about frequently by my youngest constituents. They want action, they want their environment protected and they are genuinely worried about their environmental future.

These four students have introduced composting at the Woonona East Pubic School. They have reduced the use of single plastics in the playground and also helped to produce an edible vegetable garden but most importantly they called on the Government for real action on climate change.

I am very grateful for the opportunity of spending time with these young leaders in our community and proud of the achievements they have made at school and in their community. Congratulations must go to the environmental team at Woonona East Public school. Keep up the great work Maya, Hayley, Caitlin and Sophie.